Deep Utilities & Public Realm, Marina District, Saadiyat Island

PROJECT NAME : Project : 1001-122 NYU Infra, Deep Utilities & Public Realm, Package : C03 - Main Works - Marina District Deep Utilities
LOCATION : Abu Dhabi
TYPE OF WORK : Infrastructure Works
CLIENT : Tourism Development & Investment Company
CONSULTANT : Parsons International

Construction of infrastructure works of; Sanitary Sewer line of approximately 1,422m in length comprising 160mm to 315mm diameter uPVC pipe and 400mm to 1400mm diameter GRP Pipe, including Manholes with depth ranging from 3.5m to 12m.
Sewer Force main from Saadiyat Construction Village (SCV) to Main Pumping Station (MPS), approximately 1,267m in length of 450mm diameter HDPE Pipe including valves and chambers.
Irrigation Transmission Line (TSE) Force main from Sewage Treatment Plant 2 (STP-2) to Irrigation Reservoirs (IR 1A and 2/3A), approximately 4,794m of 630mm diameter HDPE pipe and 962m of 450mm diameter HDPE Pipe including valves, chambers and installation of a surge vessel at STP-2., etc.